• shahramnasil 2 months ago
    very nice
  • tony_black 2 months ago
    Krasava bro !!! Really PRO!
  • milir9999 2 months ago
    great model
  • zmodeller 2 months ago
    the wheels are too narrow ...)))
  • Saeed Farazande 2 months ago
  • vvhiteraven 2 months ago
    Cool! How long have you been in cars? How long has it taken?
    • Aivory 2 months ago
      Thank. Yes, I wanted to do something different from the interiors and the account had to be renewed. About 50 hours.
  • Lopatiuk 2 months ago
    Well, I can’t pass by, there are so many jambs in the model, from flat sidewalls, windows, the back of the doors ..., tin racks, rear window, bumper, gill on the hood, mirrors, body lines .. the wheelbarrow is sooooo curve if you open the original side by side, in shape straight past ... Pts noticeable as the author does not care, but even wheels do not make raznoshirokie and move the pipes by 20 cm .. Actually, only optics are normal. Why for a model that you can only use in the blues on the pro backdrop, although this is not a question for the author, but my humble opinion does not affect the site’s policy. No, for 150 rubles it should be like that, just what you need, well, I really don’t understand those who are trying hard for a penny. In the place of the author, when I saw that they gave me a pro for that, the smile would be right up to my ears)) It’s a shame for the authors, who get LT for excellent models, and it seems to them that it’s important to get the pro, they should really burn when they see it)
    • ck_petya 2 months ago
      Deleted comment
    • Aivory 2 months ago
      Well, yes, these are not cylinders with boxes to model and sell at 150r.
      There are shoals in the model, but the fact that the “car is sooo crooked” is not. The shape of the car is not the easiest. Turbosmooth is not gutted, you can fix it if you want, if you like. Most will not even notice them if they don’t put the original photo next to them.
      • Lopatiuk 2 months ago
        it is not that I, with my cylinders, dare to touch such a miracle, your worthless servant could not even think of such a godless act, to correct this magnificent, foggy look curvature of the lines. I thought to buy a slr myself, but now I can’t look at the “original” ... it's terrible. I thank Your Excellency for leaving the stack unfolded, so that the hands of infidels who want to correct these not the simplest forms have dried up. I received, with my small bulbs, a whole minus from the GURU modeling and visualization, which worked as much as 50 hours on this, which is not a manifestation of sorrow in 2013 from the Nativity of Christ, all sulfur, lords and knights envy, their medals will be covered with a patina and over time will fade, but the memories of minus will warm my soul on cold evenings until the end of my days. The next 3 months I will spend in awe of the next unique model of the Greatest Master
        • tony_black 2 months ago
          Yes, you’re just a specialist in 0_o cars, and what do you do with such knowledge in 3ddd, I’d work for Ilona, he pays tower headstock.
        • tony_black 2 months ago
          And for some reason, for the model you only have the console -_9 modest you are a maestro)))
        • petrovich23rus week ago
          ehhh .. poet!
  • Lier 2 months ago
    Distantly mclaren, very.
    Is the casting unauthentic, or am I mistaken?
  • gunslinger 2 months ago
    With all due respect, it’s done "get out". Lines / shape past. Absolutely. The rear strut curve.
  • color_bleed 2 months ago
    Sorry, but not about never. Far from the original
  • saeedtaha 2 months ago
    very nice
  • sonarrr 2 months ago
    Warily. Authors of comments like "he somehow didn’t run conceptually" go through the woods, for "you yourself have such runs"))
  • zevsart 2 months ago
    the best
  • gta vice city!
  • ivansangar week ago
    great model
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Mercedes SLR Mclarenpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 141 MB
Date: 2020.05.29 01:29
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal

The model is made in 3ds max 2016 and saved in the 2013 version. All elements are combined into a group with unique names in English. All textures have unique names in English. The paths to the textures are cleaned. Car Mercedes SLR Mclaren