• andreyfomin 7 months ago
    Moderators, are you serious ?! I killed so much time on this beautiful model, and you made it free ?! A simple box with cartridges and then made the LT version, which is not of great value. Where's the justice?! Do you evaluate work there by mood? There is no similar model on your site, and in general there are very few such works. You, on the contrary, should stimulate authors. A lot of quality models were made free, horror.
  • supergex 7 months ago
    So this is "Cockerel"!))
  • wugla 7 months ago
    great model! it seems to me at least pulls on LT
    • andreyfomin 7 months ago
      Thank you, I thought so too, but modernization is apparently out of sorts.
  • Demiurge 7 months ago
    The model is excellent !!! I myself wondered why fries, for simpler models give LT. Spread on other drains.
  • DaNPride 7 months ago
    In appearance, the model is excellent, and the grid rules, why free?
  • adminoxax 7 months ago
    Enough to put pro for 6 polygons and the same posters stretched over them. Put a pro for this work.
    I advocate a review of the decision. The model is good, no worse than others about weapon models.
    • andreyfomin 7 months ago
      Thank you, but it’s unlikely that modders will change anything
      • adminoxax 7 months ago
        Changed the same. The main thing is not to be silent. Now I wanted to ask a couple of questions about the model itself - did you somehow make it according to the drawings? If so, how accurately did you try to comply with the dimensions and where can I get drawings for such work (weapons I mean)?
        • andreyfomin 7 months ago
          I did it on the photo, since there are clear pictures with a side view. I outlined everything according to the photo, some details on different photos were different, I had to do only one at a time, but to take some little things from another photo. Overall, the model is 95% accurate. There were questions about the width, it was stated 55mm, but when I made the model, I made it a little smaller, because it looked very wide, even unnatural.
  • DenKasper 7 months ago
    Cool model! If it happened, ask to remove it from the site and sell it on other stocks
    • andreyfomin 7 months ago
      I am waiting for the answer of the mods, if nothing is decided, then I will delete
  • petrovich23rus 7 months ago
    I would delete. It seems like expanding in terms of topics there are no plans. And no matter how ambiguously they hint what is free here. Great model, under subdiv, good mats. But this is my humble opinion)))
    although if I could somehow influence the situation, I would have long ago added a low poly section with all the same subsections, so much money by.
  • X_N 7 months ago
    LT ... Justice has triumphed!
  • petrovich23rus 7 months ago
    eee! )))
  • Yehat 7 months ago
    This machine is now constantly in the "Recommended" glows)
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Submachine Gun FN P90pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2016 + fbx
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 11 MB
Date: 2019.12.08 01:32
Style: Modern

- All objects are combined into a group. - Materials, texture and objects in the file have logical names. - Multi / Sub-object material - Corona, Vray materials. - The length of the weapon is 500 mm. - Anti-aliasing removed in FBX file

Subdivision 2 level: Polygons: 533592 Vertex: 284184

Subdivision 0 level: Polygons: 47684 Vertexes: 47525