• Hossein_Reyhani month ago
    Good Job
  • ivashyok month ago
    Well done!
  • Ogan month ago
    nice job
  • DarDyng1 month ago
  • KONITZ month ago
    WOW! What a cool model!
  • Accento month ago
    Wow, the interior as well of the train!
  • hitchez08 month ago
  • dilya_1 month ago
    in Moscow I saw a similar couple of times, their seats are certainly notable)) you sit down and you spring back: D
    • Spirif month ago
      In Kiev, for how many years now, only such people mainly go)
      • dilya_1 month ago
        In St. Petersburg, like most of these too)
        • Action-sen month ago
          In Moscow, it seems, they only remained in the museum. But sometimes one train is allowed along the blue line, also came across a couple of times.
          • dilya_1 month ago
            Me at the library to them. Lenin came across in the direction of Luzhniki. With sconce lights
    • xpp_nd_ruphus month ago
      I traveled in such cars only in the 90s
      • Action-sen month ago
        Sometimes put on the line. It comes across red, blue and cyan. But as I understand it, one composition of everything. But so inside. Sometimes they drive to exhibitions. I took most of the refs from the dude who shot it on a partisan.
        • xpp_nd_ruphus month ago
          those that lead to the line on red, there’s already a different trim, I don’t remember what this corrugated wall trim is called, but after the 90s I didn’t see this anymore, except when it comes to the parade of cars when museum pieces are put out 1 time per year, but they don’t seem to open the door for passengers
  • klenakapatrone month ago
    Great job.
  • jefers month ago
    Cool model
  • ali_saber month ago
  • maxmool month ago
    Wow !!! well done, great job !!!
  • 3d_CGartist month ago
    I like it.
  • kolja 1985 month ago
    powerful work!
  • jahangraph month ago
    Wow! excellent
  • tzar month ago
    Deleted comment
  • tzar month ago
    Caught often. The only thing that does not match is the lighting, the light inside was very rotten, not as bright as yours.
    • Action-sen month ago
      I traveled in such a modification only with sconces on the walls. It felt like it was light, but I agree, not as bright as here. But the light sources by instance, to quench not for long.
  • maty 2 weeks ago
    Great model!
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E-series subway carpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 84 MB
Date: 2020.07.07 11:50
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Metal

A subway carriage type "E" was serially produced in 1963-1969 by the Mytishchi Engineering Plant. - polys: 690,000 verts: 468,000 --- Interior have medium level of details, for general and medium views, model paced on a own layer with the same name. The stack is not collapsed, turbosmooth is mainly in render only mode. Doors are grouped and can be opened / closed separately. --- For Corona render, it is recommended to install a version of at least 1.5, because the glossiness of materials is adjusted for PBR